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Spec Miata/Racing


THE CLASS:The Spec Miata (SM) class is intended to provide the opportunity to compete in low-cost cars with limited modifications, suitable for racing competition. It is intended to encourage low cost, entry level, production car based competition. Spec Miata currently races both sprints and enduros where available.Mazda Miatas in model years 1990 through 1993 with 1600 cc engines, model years 1994 through 1997 with 1800 cc engines, and model years 1999 through 2005 with 1800 cc engines have been approved by the SCCA for Regional racing in all divisions of the SCCA. The class was approved for National SCCA racing beginning in the 2006 racing season.As its name shows, Spec Miata is a 'specified' class. This means that the rules for allowable modifications to the car are very strict. The class intends to put drivers on a very even footing by making their cars as identical as possible. Because of the support of Mazda through Mazdaspeed Motorsports Development, the wide availability of the car on the used market, plentiful and inexpensive parts, and the simplicity of maintenance on the cars, Spec Miata has become a very popular class.By using a specified rule set, Spec Miata has taken the guesswork out of deciding which parts are best to use while deterring competitors from 'outspending' each other. For example, competitors have no choice of what types of tires, springs, shocks, sway bars are allowed. Modifications are extremely limited to the drive train and the different model years are equalized through weight limits and throttle restrictors.              



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2018 Race Schedule




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At Track Parts Pickup

Need a part and are going to the same race as we are?  Call us and we'll save you on the shipping!

We've helped hundreds of racers save money over the years by providing this convenient 'At The Track' parts pickup service.  Simply call and order your parts ahead of time and we'll deliver them on our truck, saving you the shipping charge!  This can help you save loads of money, especially on engines, transmissions, and large body parts. 

Unexpected repairs needed at the track?  Come see us at the Planet Miata trailer!  We stock pratically everything for your 1990-2005 Spec Miata.  From complete engines and transmissions to the smallest sensor, we'll have it right there at the track.


2018 race/track day schedule

January 4-7  SCCA Majors Homestead 

January 11-14  SCCA Majors Sebring (Hoosier Super Tour)

Feb 10-11 NASA Carolina Motorsports Park

Feb 16-18 SVRA Roebling Road Miata Heritage Cup

SCCA Roebling Road Driver school 

March 2-4 INDYCAR Global MX5 CUP Test Barber Motorsports Park

March 10-11 SCCA VIR Regional

March  16-17 SCCA RD ATL Majors

March 24-25 SCCA Summit Point Driver School

March 28-31 SVRA RD ATL Miata Heritage Cup 

April 6-8 SCCA Hallett Majors  (Hoosier Super Tour)

April 13-15 SCCA Summit Point Regional

April 20-22 INDYCAR Global MX5 CUP Round 3&4Barber Motorsports Park

April 27-29 SCCA Summit Point Majors

May 4-6 MMC Q race

May 11-13 SCCA PITT Majors

May 17-20 SVRA RD AMERICA Miata Hertiage Cup

Jun1-3  SCCA NJMP Regional

June 8-10 SCCA NELSON LEDGES Regional (9-10)


June 16-17 SCCA Summit Point Regional

June 21-24  SVRA Mid Ohio Miata Heritage Cup

July 7-8 SCCA Watkins Glen Regional 

July 27-29 INDYCAR Global MX5 CUP Round 7&8 Mid Ohio

August 3-5 SCCA Mid Ohio Regional IT SPECtacular

AER Enduro Calaboogie 

August 10-12 SCCA NJMP Regional

August 24-26  SCCA Barber Regional 

Aug 31-Sep 3  INDYCAR Global MX5 CUP Round 9&10 Portland

Sept 14-16 SCCA Watkins Glen Regional (short and long course)

Sept 20-23 SVRA VIR Miata Heritage Cup 

Sept 28-30 INDYCAR Global MX5 CUP Round 11&12 Monticello Motor Club

Oct 6-7 SCCA Summit Point Regional


Oct 27-28 NASA NCM

Nov 1-4 SCCA RD ATL ARRC Regional

Nov 10-11 NASA NCM