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Hey Marc -- 

I'm not much of a phone person, but now I can thank you. The 'new' engine and other bits that your guys installed/fixed on my SSM are great.  This 90K engine may be even a touch faster than the 127.9K one that...

What happened to it? I assume that in your spare time you at least opened it up to see. Just interested and wondering if there are any cool souvenirs left.

The best part was telling the story to all our Porsche car buds, esp. those
who were at Lightning when the motor blew. A motor for that $,
installed for those $, IN THREE DAYS with no issues really
impressed everyone. 

I am taking the school and running the regional at LRP 6/19-20 so if you are there Marc and I will certainly come around to say hi.


-- mindy o.


The car is wonderful, I even brought a trophy home this weekend.

Thanks again


Hey Marcus, 

I just wanted to thank you again for a great racing weekend.  I appreciate all your help and everything both you and your dad did for me this weekend!!!! 
Sorry I'm late telling you how much I appreciated this weekend.  I worked over 12 hours yesterday here and then drove home and worked another 2...I didn't go out off the office last night until almost 8, I barely got to see day light. 
I know you are on the road today...hope all went well with the trip to Michigan. 
Talk to you soon! 
Nicole C.

I called and spoke to a gentleman about where to add brake fluid in my car. He had me go to the car and he told me exactly where it was located.

I appreciate so much the excellent manner, and kindness of this gentleman. Caring about strangers is so rare today. It was a real treat to talk to a live, kind person.

Thank you,
Ann, Amherst, NY.

I want to thank you for taking my call yesterday. I did exactly what you said and so far it started perfectly every time. I just couldn't believe I had 2 bad coilpacks out of three and kept chasing my tail. I'm going to test it for a week and then start on the front cat replacement.

I have my PlanetMiata sticker on my rollbar for everyone to see and I mention your site & deals to every Miata owner I bump into.

I'll be ordering some more gear from you after my next track event.

Thanks again,

Just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you how awesome your service is. I just got a '95 miata and have started freshening things up on it.

Quite a few people suggested your site. I saw your ad for your rotors and hawk pads. I couldn't believe the ad was legit. I did some digging online, compared some prices and called you guys up a couple of times to ask some questions. Still I wasn't fully convinced and posted a question on to see what others thought.

After much soul searching I decided to take the plunge...the price was worth the gamble for hawk pads and rotors.

My next concern was delivery. I figured I could pop into Planet Miata on a weekend and get the parts in hand. I'd would be a nice little road trip down route 80 from New Jersey and I wouldn't have to wait on shipping.

Waiting for new parts in the mail is worse than waiting to open presents on Christmas Eve used to be when I was a kid. Turns out you guys don't have weekend hours but it didn't even matter, my order got here so fast it made my head spin. I ordered on Monday and had parts in hand Tuesday afternoon.

I ordered front and rear Hawk HPS pads, front and rear rotors, stainless steel brake hoses, but the one part that totally made my day was a bolt that attaches the soft top latches to the front windshield.

The guy who took my ordered asked if there was anything else that I needed, and I mentioned the bolt (halfway expecting to hear a snicker on the other end of the phone). Honestly I didn't think you guys would send a single bolt, I figured you guys wouldn't think it was worth the time. I was hopeful but didn't expect much.

I actually laughed out loud when I dug to the bottom of the box and found a ziploc bag with the bolt.

You guys rock. I expect to be ordering again soon.


Yeessssseeee I got the Miata console lid, trans boot, and the T-shirt.
The T-shirt is kewl man. I will wear it proudly and do my part in promoting Planet Miata.
Thanks for the great service.


Thank you! You're a sweetheart to assist me with understanding my new vehicle purchase!


Thanks for your professionalism and help. It is appreciated.

If you do send a t-shirt perk - it would need to be an XXLarge please, that way I could actually wear it as a shirt at rallys rather than use it as a bandanna or polishing cloth.
Y'all have a great Thanksgiving,


I recently purchased a glovebox, dipstick, and a bolt for the jack. I was VERY pleased with your help, and fast shipping. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

I just replaced my carpet, and I need some floor mats. I have a 1996 M-edition. Do you have any mats that will work for me? If so, what are your prices?

Thanks for your help!


Part received as ordred.
Excellent service.


Thank you very much for your fast response on the two complete sets of Miata convertible top latches.

I have attached a picture of my "baby", enjoy.


I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the excellent service with that window that I ordered on Wednesday.

Got it installed yesterday, and I really appreciate you guys getting it to me so quickly.

I didn't realize there was a source for Miata parts so close to me, and I will be making a trip up there at some point this coming spring ;)

I received my dashboard about a month ago but I kept putting off the instal because it looked to hard for me to do myself.

Today I decided to"just do it"and it wasnt that took about six hours just like you said it would.

Thanks again for all your help and also for the free bag of swag! - p.s great packing job!

Dean - Florida

In rebuilding a '97 M I ran into problems with seperating the 1/2 shaftfrom the knuckle and another problem with the torque arm.

You saved me over $800 in parts cost by supplying me with the 1/2 shaft and a torquearm, as compared to new.

Parts fit just right and perform as new.I'll be getting other little things to finish off "Junior", and others for Dona's Miata as needed.


Hey, I just wanted to thank you guys.

I needed a heater core and waslooking all over the place for a used on and couldn't come up withanything. I was considering having to buy a new one for around $350.

I happened to find your site and was able to buy the part and ship it for under $50.

I received the part yesterday and was amazed to find the heater box too. I was able to reinstall the heater core and put the car back together in under two hours.

I will definitly tell everone I meet that has a miata about you and how well it worked out for me.

Thank you again!

Josh - Seattle, Washington.

Hi there, you sent me a drive shaft for my poor injured miata. It was impossible to find one here in Phoenix. The dealer wanted to charge me 400+ for the new assembly and I got one from you for a mere $52 shipping included.

Your the best; fast, efficient and knowlegeable.
And you saved me a boat load of cash. I will definitely be calling on you for my future miata needs.

Thanks so much!


Two reasons for this email: First, thank you for the great service today. I enjoyed the whole experience buying from Planet Miata.

Secondly our conversation about suspension got me thinking about the different options . . .


I was really pleased with the STO mats! Thanks also for the T-shirt and the little plastic carpet plugs! You did not charge me for those, and that was nice of you!

I will get those mats cleaned up & they will look great. They are in super condition, no rips, tears, or worn spots.

Appreciate all your help! I am sure you will hear from me again! Thanks, again!

1997 STO

This is simply a letter of appreciation for your very efficient and considerate response to my orders for my old Miata. Your shipment of the rear axle assembly and strut came promptly on the second day after my order and the recent camber bolts for which you sent n/c has also arrived.

I do not ever recall getting anything for nothing these days and am a bit stunned at your service and generosity! I must confess that I called up my local Miata dealer and was given an astronomical price quote and also several days wait for it to be ordered! I am extremely happy that I found you as a source for my Miata parts and plan to keep the old car going with your aid.

A bit about myself. I am an eighty-six year old retired emeritus professor from Harvard Medical School and still go in to the lab almost every day just for the fun of doing research. I also all the repairs and maintenance of the old Miata that was given to me by my daughter in law. I find great satisfaction in doing repair work and feel fortunate that I can still manage to do it.

Thank you for your supply of parts and just wanted to thank you for your services.

Most Sincerely Yours,